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Detox Day 2
Day 1 of Detox
Pre Holiday 21 Day Detox
Homemade Body Butter
Healthy Cookies with Protein Frosting


Juicing Adventure
Pre Holiday 21 Day Detox 2015
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Detox Day 2

Meal 4 Protein Shake                                                             Meal 5 Salmon and Veggies

Meal 4

Meal 2                                                                                 Meal 3

Day 1 of Detox

Pre Holiday 21 Day Detox

Pre-Holiday 21-Day Detox

Homemade Body Butter

I made this delicious Body Butter a few weeks ago and have loved using it!  It has Lavender essential oil in it which is great for moisturizing skin and taking redness out.  It also has Carrot Seed oil in it, which gives it sun protecting properties, like sunscreen.  The Tea Tree oil in it is great for healing cuts, scrapes and acne!  Overall some great properties in this Body Butter, which makes it great to use on your face!  It is a little greasy, so you do not need to use very much--a little goes a long ways!

Healthy Cookies with Protein Frosting

It's time for Holiday baking and what could be better than a healthy cookie recipe to get you through?  I made these cookies last weekend, after trying a different recipe first (which ended up as dog treats).  They have a muffin texture, in the shape of a cookie and are quite delicious!  The frosting recipe took some tweaking, but turned out very good as well!  

Banana-Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies
Cookie Ingredients:
3 Ripe Bananas, mashed
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1/2 Cup Natural Peanut Butter

Natural Coffee Creamer Recipe

All Natural Coffee Creamer

I have been a coffee drinker since I can remember!  Just the smell off fresh brewed, hot, steamy coffee puts a smile on my face :)  I never used creamer until the last few years because of a sensitive stomach issue.  The creamer helps deflate the acidic nature of coffee.  I have also gone to making Iced Coffee, which is 70% less acidic then hot, brewed coffee.  I will give you the creamer recipe and then the "how to" for making Iced Coffee.

Simple Success

We all have challenges that we want to overcome, but struggle overcoming them.  In my field, most people want to lose weight, lose body fat, get toned or have some kind of fitness goal in mind.  There is advice that I give to help them overcome their struggles and achieve their goals, but ultimately it depends on the choices they make when I am not there.  It takes a very disciplined person or goal oriented person to make great achievements and part of my job is instilling a sense of discipline and help my clients make realistic goals.

The Juicing Rave

So what’s the big deal about “Juicing” these days? It seems to be all the rave, but really? Won’t I just be hungry all the time and grouchy? 

 The juicing rave that has come about in the last few years has happened for an accumulation of reasons, from Hollywood popularity to marketing to the REAL reason we actually need it.  Because we are exposed to more toxins than ever these days there actually is a need to cleanse our bodies from these toxins and there is no other more natural way then “Juicing”.

Taking Care of Yourself, Injury Fix

       When it comes to injuries it is important to treat 

them correctly from the get-go.  When I say injuries, I

 mean wrenching your back, jamming your finger, 

pulling a hamstring, straining muscles, ligament 

sprains, rolling your ankle etc.  We want to create an 

ideal healing environment for optimal healing efficiency.  At the first signs of injury/strain go through, 

what the professionals call, RICE (Rest Ice Compression Elevation).

Allergy Cures


 Ahh! The beauty of spring. We all love the return of warm weather, flower blossoms and tree buds, but spring fever is getting to many of us in different ways. The down side is all of the pollen.  Watery eyes, sneezing, and runny noses.

Over the counter antihistamines can provide temporary relief.  Some of the side effects include sleepiness, blood pressure changes as well as drug interactions. Symptoms are only relieved while you are taking them.