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SB Social is my new business. 
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The impact of Social Media and digital marketing have increased drastically in the last 5 years and that growth continues each year.  We are beyond the days of reading the newspaper to check for local deals and onto flipping through our Facebook feed, Instagram Feed, Snapchat stories and Twitter accounts.  

Nationally, Small Businesses spend 35% of their marketing budget on digital marketing.  Digital marketing includes email marketing, social media, mobile ads, search engine optimization and display ads.  Companies are shifting more and more money to digital because of it’s perceived Return On Investment (ROI): The ability to spend less for more return.  

According to

• The average Small Business spends $400/month on marketing.
• Small Businesses spend on average 46% of their marketing budget on digital marketing.
• 78% of Small Businesses think that mobile marketing is an important channel for their business.

Social Media marketing sounds easy right?  Post the information you want on Facebook?  Maybe  add a photo if you have one handy or have time to take one?  

Social Media marketing actually needs a plan of action to be successful.  You need posts to generate revenue, posts that generate a lot of views, posts for customer relations, posts that give shout outs to team members and customers, posts that educate your audience and more!  

Because Social Media is evolving so fast, customers have higher expectations.  If it looks like your Social Media pages are lacking in creativity then your business is probably lacking too.  Customers like variety in their news feed and if your page isn’t cutting it, they might “unlike” you to declutter their feed.    

Another issue for Small Businesses is that many businesses have limited time and resources to put towards a successful social media campaign or simply don’t know enough about it.  

Did you know you can pay to “Boost” your post so it generates more “Likes”?

Did you know you can pay for Ads on Facebook to reach specific demographics?

Did you know you can schedule posts in advance on Facebook?  

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to social media marketing and it takes a lot of time.  This is where I hope to help Small Businesses in the Grand Island and surrounding area.  I have successfully grown my business in the last 5 years using Social Media as a main marketing platform.  After coming home from the International Health and Racquet Sport Association’s National Conference in San Diego in 2012, I took what I learned to heart and implemented a Social Media marketing campaign.  Three of the Five main speakers harped on digital marketing and I listened.  I came home and did additional research and bought a few books as well.  
In the following 2 years I was able to increase my monthly revenue by $6,000 and was able to expand my business to a new location, double the size.  I own a Snap Fitness franchise and I get calls from other franchisees often asking who does my social media accounts.  I won the “The Top Ten Social Media Award” two years ago at the Snap Fitness International Convention and spoke about my methods on a main stage presentation.  I also won a “Top Personal Trainer” award last year, which I couldn’t have won without having the strong Social Media presence that I do.  

I really enjoy social media marketing and after getting numerous compliments and revenue generating results for my efforts, have decided to help other businesses with theirs, with some very affordable packages.  My specialties are Facebook and Instagram, which are the most popular platforms in this Region.    

I am confident in my abilities to help other local small businesses grow their social media presence with not only revenue generating results, but results that will portray the culture of the business in a manner that sets them apart from the competition.