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Juicing Adventure
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The Juicing Rave

So what’s the big deal about “Juicing” these days? It seems to be all the rave, but really? Won’t I just be hungry all the time and grouchy? 

 The juicing rave that has come about in the last few years has happened for an accumulation of reasons, from Hollywood popularity to marketing to the REAL reason we actually need it.  Because we are exposed to more toxins than ever these days there actually is a need to cleanse our bodies from these toxins and there is no other more natural way then “Juicing”.  Juicing entails squeezing the juice out of fruit and vegetables so nothing else is more natural than that.  We are exposed to toxins from our environment, from factories and cars.  We consume toxins through our food that is loaded with chemicals, fake sweeteners and pesticides.  Since we are so “on the go” as a society these days, there is also the issue of added toxins through canned goods, canned drinks, plastic bottled drinks and microwaves.  Many of our current lifestyles involve high stress and many high stress individuals use alcohol as a way to relax, which is another toxin to our bodies. 

Now that we know there IS a need for this cleansing, how do we do it? There are some very simple ways to introduce juicing into your lifestyle and there are many levels of juicing.  As always, there are extremist in this group of “Juicers”, but I do not believe in doing much of anything in extremes.  Everything in moderation people! J Juicing offers many benefits beyond just detoxing your body.  Juicing will add vital vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants to your body.  It will help you have fewer cravings for sugar and salt.  It will make your skin look better, ward of sickness and give you energy!  The simplest form of juicing you can do is simply drinking hot lemon water in the morning.  Boil some water and squeeze a full or half lemon into it.  Drink this before you eat or drink anything else.  It detoxes you, helps your skin and balances your body. A very common way of juicing, that can be a daily habit, is drinking a “Green Smoothie” for breakfast.  You could actually do this after your hot lemon water if you want to go all out!  I like doing this because it destroys sugar cravings for the rest of the day and gives me energy!  My favorite green smoothie recipe is:  

 8-12 oz Almond milk, ½ cup frozen blueberries, Handful of Spinach or Kale, Some fresh strawberries or an apple, Chia Seeds,1 scoop of NanoPro protein powder 

 You do not have to have a fancy machine to start juicing.  You just need a blender for the green smoothie and the single serving ones work great.  Your premium blender would be a Vitamix and your premium Juicer would be an Omega Juicer.  These are both high dollar machines, so unless you are sure about this I would start out with a cheaper machine and see how it goes.  There are good machines for under $50! There are many other ways to “juice”, and you can Google how to do any one of them.  From 3 day juicing cleanses, to 10 week cleanses; it is all on the Internet.  I personally did a 3 Week Juicing Adventure that you can read about on my blog at  I felt really great afterwards, lost weight and inches and was in better health.  Like I said I do not believe in being extreme but Juicing is a great way to add vital nutrients to your body, which most of us are lacking!  

There is a good article to read about juicing from the Dr. Oz show at: For great juicing recipes Google Drew Canole and like him on facebook.  I got most of my recipes from him, of course improvising on most of them.  Please feel free to email me with questions.

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juicers australia on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 1:02 AM
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boft on Wednesday, August 26, 2015 3:27 PM
Wow, I'm a lefty and i dont know if all that it true but still WOW! i never knew all those ppl wer leftys cuz i aint american so yea. but still, nice work n u shudna put the jealousy part.... just sayin......
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