Convention Recall: Days 1 & 2
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Convention Recall: Days 1 & 2

I recently got back from a fitness education convention, called SCW Dallas Mania.  I learned so much from this convention, as it was my first fitness education convention since being in the industry for the last three years.  As a bonus, I had a BLAST!  I wanted to give you a recap of what my week looked like.  My next blogs will be  Convention Recall Days 3 & 4 and "Tips from the Pros"-a recap of important information that each instructor emphasized.  Here we Go:

Wake up at 6AM to get ready at my friend's house so I can leave by 7AM to make the 15 mile commute to downtown Dallas Fairmont Hotel in time for my 8AM Sports Nutrition and Body Composition  certification class.  I hadn't driven in 4-5 lane traffic since I lived in Austin, TX for my internship after college, so I was slightly apprehensive.  Fabio Comana was my instructor for this class (yes he looked like who you picture when you hear the name "Fabio"-a dark skinned, dark haired man with a tantalizing accent that made you WANT to listen to him) ;)  This class lasted from 8AM-5PM!  Upon sitting in traffic for an hour on the way home (ughhhhh), I made it back to my friends house to get ready and go meet another friend of mine that lives in the Dallas area.  Love catching up with old friends!

So my first session started at 7:30AM so I wanted to be on the road by 6:30AM, so my alarm goes off 5:45AM (ouch!).  I make my way back downtown, this time not parking in an illegal parking garage (oops) and parking in a big open lot for $6.  I start walking the wrong way on the street until I see some other people going to the conference and turn around to follow them.  [I start remembering why I left Austin].  I grab a nonfat cappuccino at Starbucks, in the hotel, and head to my first session.  There were 17 rooms where sessions were held (A-Q) so this was no easy task finding my first session.  By the time I get there I am amped up on caffeine and am feeling a little flustered, so I put my bag down in the corner and have a seat while I inspect the room.  There are about 50 Spri360's spread out in the room (a piece of equipment used for balance/stability/strength/cardio).  I think, "Cool she's going to show us some activities to do".   Here is Friday's schedule:

Session 1 Spri360 Superior Strength 7:30-9:00
I was a little off when I though she is going to "show us some activities".  Abbie Appel went over some basic info, explaining this piece of equipment and talking about how it works the different energy systems and then we did a 60-minute all out killer workout.  Lets put it this way-halfway through I am thinking CRAP-I have to do this in every session for the next three days? My hamstrings started cramping and I was drenched by the end.  Sweet, I get to sit in my own sweaty clothes for the next 10 hours!  I WAS convinced to buy the Spri360 though :)

Session 2 Tipping the Scales Energy Balance and Weight Loss 10:00-11:30
Another class from Fabio Comana :)  This was a lecture class, so I got a little break.  It was basically a summary of what we talked about for 8 hours the previous day.  This was good, because after 8 hours, how much of that do you really retain?  A great review.  

Session 3 Putting intensity back into Tai Chi 12:30-2:00
My goal coming to this conference was to learn NEW things and try NEW things, you know stay on the "cutting edge".  So I decided to take a step outside of my comfort zone and try this class.  I have NEVER taken a tai chi class so I had no clue of what to expect.  Our instructor is worldly known for his work in tai chi, Lawrence Biscontini.  He was average height, wore a bandana over his head and was very animated.  You could tell he loved having that microphone on!  Learning the history of tai chi and different moves, such as "wave hands like white puffy clouds in crepuscular sky with gate close to earth" was quite fascinating. 
Session 4 BOSU HIIT Extreme 2:15-3:45
I was definitely looking forward to this session.  I have incorporated a lot of HIIT (high intense interval training) into my  training and love the BOSU ball so I wanted to see how these two went together.  Keli Roberts was the instructor this time- a woman in her 40-50's, blonde short hair, cut like an olympic athlete and had a wonderful Australian accent.  Her intimidating demeanor was lessened by her frequent smiles.  We did a wide array of activity such as burpees, lunges, tuck jumps and crunches, and by the end I was drenched for the 2nd time and my hamstrings felt like someone was putting a knife through them (no biggie). 
Session 5 Flab to Fab: A woman's guide to nutritional fat loss 4:00-5:30  
The title of this session intrigued me because this is what we all want isn't it? FAT LOSS!  Mike Bracko, a Canadian hockey trainer (among other things) taught this class.  This class was a nice cool down from the rest of the day and quite entertaining.  Mike tried to tell a lot of jokes, but only heard crickets every time.  Everyone's attention span had obviously been spent at this point of the day.  I did learn a few useful tips, of which I will share later.  

I was signed up for one more session after this from 6:30-7:30, but the instructor didn't show up so we got a credit to the store instead.  I wasn't too upset about this because I did have my eye on a t-shirt!  

Day 3 coming soon...

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