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More Bang for your Buck!!!!

I wanted to post some ideas to get more "bang for your buck" out of your workout.  Whether you are working with a trainer or taking on the fitness challenge on your own, I have a few tips on how to receive the best results from your workout in a short time.   

1.  Add cardio in between strength training sets.
***For example:  Do 10-15 minutes of strength training proceeded by 3-5 minutes of cardio/and repeat 3-4 times.   If you are just starting up, walk, do elliptical, bike or do the incline walk.  If you have a medium to advanced fitness level you can do 3-5 sets of 30 second sprints on the treadmill, jog at a faster pace then normal or do a an incline jog.  

2.  Do your strength training sets with very little rest (15 seconds in between sets or less) and keep the reps in the medium range, with heavier weight.
***Doing strength training with little rest (like circuit type training) increases your heart rate and adds an accelerated fat burning effect to your workout with cardio.  Doing sets and reps in the medium range (I prefer 3x12) will help you gain strength and endurance simultaneously.  Doing heavier weight will allow you to activate your type 2 muscle fibers, which are responsible for that "toned" look that everyone desires!   

3.  Focus on 2-3 areas of your body to work on each workout.  
***This makes life simpler, and lets be serious we can all use simpler!!!  Instead of trying to hit every single body part at once, pick 2 or 3 body parts to work on.  If you need help finding exercises, is a great resource or even youtube.  You can always email me or post on here or my facebook page as well.  If you chose 3 areas to work on, for example abs, legs and butt: you can chose 1 exercise of each to do in your 3x12 like a circuit and then do your cardio before choosing 3 different exercises.  

EX:  I pick leg ups for abs, BOSU squats for legs and step bridges for butt for my first three exercises.  Do a set of 12 legs ups, then 12 squats and then 12 step bridges and complete this circle 3 times with very little rest in between.  This should take 10-15 minutes.  Then go over to the treadmill and do a 5 minute incline jog at incline 2.  Choose 3 different exercises in the area you want to work on and repeat this cycle.  I usually do not workout more than an hour, so what I would do is keep this cycle going until an hour is up.  

Thank you for reading and I am hoping to add some video workouts soon to spice things up so stay tuned :)

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assignment service uk on Sunday, June 10, 2018 3:23 AM
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